Martijn van de Zuidwind

A designer of situations on the internet

Hi there! 
I'm a Dutch digital designer who uses a human-centered approach to create meaningful and fun-to-use experiences for clients and their target groups. Currently I'm working at Studio AIRPORT and in some instances I also work as a freelance designer.
For example, last year I directed the crowdfunding campaign for a restaurant called Syr. Syr is a place where people with a refugee background collaborate with local inhabitants of Utrecht (this small Dutch town).

Besides the serious stuff, I like to work on personal design projects, shoot pictures, collect & spin records and do a bit of bouldering, skateboarding and cycling now and then.
I also like to participate in hackathons and open brainstorms related to design, branding & communication and do a talk now and then. 

Like to start a project together? Or know someone who could use my help? Don't send them this website; this is just some silly text over an image.

Instead, send me an email: